The story of Pippa Smith Art

The story of Pippa Smith Art was born in lockdown.

Having left my job at a contemporary art gallery to go travelling last March - excellent timing all round - I found myself unemployed and back at my parent’s home in Oxfordshire.  

A real blessing in disguise as my mother’s obsession for collecting ceramics and my dad’s painstaking passion for gardening meant the place was brimming with inspiration. 

Having the time to paint allowed me to finally kickstart my lifelong desire to be an artist myself. I had studied art history at Edinburgh University and then went straight into working at a commercial art gallery as a dealer – but I never truly thought my own work would sell. 

Now I’m back in London I feel drawn to recreate that bliss I felt sitting in the countryside sunshine.


Looking for something personal? After a painting that has already sold? I’m here to chat about making your ideal painting into a reality.